Examples and Action Verbs

The below examples of other students’ accomplishments in their class projects, internships, volunteer work and part-time jobs can help you get started in identifying and describing your own skills.

Writing formulate, translate, write, compose, edit, craft, revise

    • Located prospective donors and wrote grant proposals to help support K-12 after-school enrichment programs.
    • Conceptualized and wrote material for organization’s marketing brochure.


Communication - convey, correspond, engage, publicize, connect, influence, mediate, negotiate, present, promote

    • Demonstrated strong communication skills as a marketing intern by facilitating team meetings and leading discussions around strategic project planning.
    • Serve as liaison to campus community as president of the Creative Arts Club


Teamwork - collaborate, partnership, contribute, discuss

    • Collaborated with team of five for class project to research and design curriculum for after-school program to meet needs of multicultural student populations.
    • In partnership with 15 classmates and faculty, successfully organized and planned “Green Careers Week,” a career information event for students


Interpersonal - cultivate, develop, foster, interpret, understanding, relate

    • Counseled and advised diverse populations while working as a peer advocate in the Health Center at SJSU.
    • Tutored and mentored high school students at Youth Works, an afterschool enrichment program for under-represented youth.


Self-Starter - initiate, spear-head, establish, launch, implement

    • Initiated and developed the concept for SJSU’s” Evening Art Walk”, an event where creative arts students can showcase their final senior projects.
    • Spear-headed planning for the Global Studies’ commencement ceremony as part of the student leadership team.


Analytical - investigate, observe, discern, perceive, consider, evaluate, assess

    • Assist in the evaluation and assessment of potential candidates for all administrative support openings as human resources intern.


Flexibility - adapt, acclimate, adjust, modify, familiarize

    • Demonstrated real time adaptability while providing excellent customer service as shift leader in a busy retail environment


Multi-Culturalcollaborated on a team with students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds

    • While interning at San Jose Advocates Foundation, effectively worked with colleagues, supervisors, and clients from various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

Computer Skills - maintain, monitor, build, calculate

    • Maintained donor database using Razor’s Edge Software including processing all financial donations (individual grants and corporate pledges).
    • Updated organization website and published online reports and articles.


Attention to Detail - particularize, awareness, focus, attentiveness, concentrate

    • Demonstrated attention to detail as coordinator of a four-day international conference for student leaders. Developed agenda, scheduled speakers, and organized discussion groups.


Problem Solving - clarify, strengthen, solidify, improve, increase, resolve

    • Developed relationships with lawyers, physicians, and social workers in an effort obtain health services for qualifying individuals


Organizational - prepare, goal setting, coordinate, direct, manage, arrange, meet deadlines, deliver

    • Organized and brought together local artists from all over the San Francisco Bay Area for fundraising and promotion a events
    • Provided organizational support to staff including managing schedules, supply purchasing, filing, preparing development materials, and coordination of meetings.


Global Awareness - global consciousness, understanding and knowledge of other cultures

    • Gained experience in multi-cultural setting while studying and traveling abroad in Spain.
    • Gained international counseling experience while participating in a summer internship at the University of Zambia.


Critical Thinking - critique, evaluate, review, measure, examine, problem solving

      • Evaluated and contacted prospective clients and talent agencies as production assistant in commercial and industrial film projects.


Creativityconceptualize, design, create, invent, generate, draft, formulate, devise

    • Conceptualized and developed an on-going project for ESL students resulting in a publication of the student’s autobiographical works for use as a learning tool for ESL teachers.
    • Designed visual concept for Poets and Writers Coalition’s magazine launch.


Design and Planning - forecast, develop, prepare, calculate, project, anticipate, propose, outline, create

    • Spear-headed project planning for local non-profit fundraising event including researching possible venues and caterers, and recruiting volunteers.
    • Designed innovative advertising materials for Annual School of Social Work Fair which contributed to a 25% increase in attendance from the previous year.

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