The concentration in entrepreneurship prepares students with a drive for innovation and the passion to create a new business or become a corporate innovator.  New business careers could involve starting a company, purchasing a business or franchise, or bringing a new technology to market.  Careers within existing businesses could involve working for a startup, small business, incubator, or new venture within mature company.


Career Information

Use career information resources to explore potential majors, related careers, and career paths.


Job and Internship Websites

Use job and internship websites to identify typical job/internship titles and openings.


SJSU Student Clubs and Campus Involvement

Join in SJSU student clubs and other campus programs to serve the community, build teamwork experience, learn about career paths, and cultivate a supportive career community.


Professional Associations

Explore professional associations and organizations to learn about relevant industry research and trends, connect with working professionals, and discover career options.