Resumes/Cover Letters

General Guidelines

  • resume101webshopHeadings

    • Watch "Resume 101" webshop.
    • View "Resume Outline" handout for an example of what to include in your resume.
    • Use an objective to target the employer, position type, or field of interest.
    • Include related coursework/projects when applying for internships or if you have limited relevant work experience.
    • Volunteer work or club involvement can be used as experience.
    • View "Resumes Samples by College" for examples of major specific resumes.
    • For international students, watch "International Student Resume Webex."
  • Formatting

    • In general, limit your resume to one page.
    • Keep margins ideally at 0.75"-1".
    • Use traditional, clean fonts sized 10-12. Use of bolding is OK for section headings and job titles.
    • Avoid using vertical or horizontal lines, graphics, italics, and columns.
    • Proofread carefully for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.
    • Make sure verb tense is correct. Use present tense for current jobs and past tense for past jobs.

Tailoring Your Resume

Marketing Your Brand

Resume FAQ