Where to Start

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Can't figure out where to start?

    • Seek out companies that hire interns and co-op students full-time after graduation.
    • Don't wait until your senior year; having multiple co-ops or internships prior to graduation demonstrates professional motivation.
    • Choose an internship or co-op with clearly defined duties that correspond to your major at a pre-professional level.
    • Conduct research on prospective employers and be ready to ask questions during the interview.
    • Make sure your assignments have the possibility of becoming increasingly challenging.
    • Discuss your learning objectives with your prospective supervisor during the interview.
    • Ask to be guided by a professional in the field.
    • Make sure that your performance will be evaluated and that you will receive feedback during and after your assignment.
    • Consider size. Both large and small organizations have pros and cons. It's up to you to determine what works best for you.