The Career Center is excited to announce that a new and improved SpartaJobs--powered by late-stage local startup, Handshake--is coming May 27, 2016. Log into your SpartaJobs account and under your news feed, find more information about this change.  


Our San José State University exclusive online job and internship database for students and registered alumni. It's your one stop shop for job and internship postings, announcements, upcoming events, and more!

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What can I do with a SpartaJobs Account?

  • Access employment opportunities specifically for San José State University students and registered alumni, including full time, part time, internship, summer seasonal and volunteer.
  • View our Events Calendar to learn about upcoming employer connection events and workshops schedule to select those of interest and set up an email reminder so that you don’t miss anything.
  • Set up a search agent and have the system email you when new opportunities are posted that match your search criteria.
  • Upload résumés onto SpartaJobs to be included in virtual Résumé Books that employers access when recruiting for positions.
  • Review critical job fair information (e.g., who’s attending, what they’re hiring for...) before coming to the fair to be prepared ahead of time.
  • Access great resources like GoinGlobal and Eureka to assist you in exploring career options.


SpartaJobs Disclaimer

The Career Center policy below describes the nature of the jobs and employers appearing in SpartaJobs. Although we monitor the site, we are unable to screen every individual employer or job posting. Those who use the job listings do so at their own risk. The Career Center, its staff, the California State University System and the State of California assume no liabilities related to the accuracy or inaccuracy of information provided in job listings and do not represent or act on behalf of the hiring authority. Site users are urged to validate job postings and use caution and common sense when applying.  Do not disclose social security numbers, credit card information or bank account numbers to unknown employers.  

If you believe an employer has misrepresented a job or his/her organization in any way, contact the Employer Services staff immediately at (408) 924-6031 or by email at

Fraudulent job posting information from the SJSU Information Security Office:

Information from the Internet Crime Complaint Center:



Additional tips that the posting might be a scam:

  • If you are offered money or funding prior to the start of the job.
  • If you receive an unexpectedly large check or payment.
  • If the posting appears to be from a reputable, familiar company yet the domain in the contact’s email address does not match the domain. For example, a posting from Google would only have an email domain of ''. Another way to validate is to check the open positions on the company’s website.


What if you are already involved in a scam?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has given the following instructions to students or individuals who have responded to fraudulent postings:

  • The student should immediately contact the local police. The police are responsible for conducting an investigation (regardless of whether the scam artist is local or in another state).
  • If it is a situation where the student has sent money to a fraudulent employer: the student should contact their bank or credit card company immediately to close the account and dispute the charges.
  • If the transaction occurred completely over the internet, the student should file an incident report with the Department of Justice division of Computer Crime & Intellectual Property, or by calling the FTC at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-832-4357).


About Résumé Books

When you activate your SpartaJobs account, and as long as your account is active, you have the choice to "opt in" to Résumé Books. Résumé Books is an optional service to enhance your job search through the creation of searchable electronic books provided to employers to view online. Opting to participate in résumé books can provide you with additional opportunities to get your résumé in front of an employer and potentially be contacted for an interview. 

If you choose to "opt-in" to the service, you are authorizing the San José State University Career Center to share your résumé with an employer registered with the Career Center and to the SJSU Spartan Staffing program and its partners for recruitment purposes. We do not provide résumé books to third party recruiters, including placement agencies.

Contingent upon the contents of your resume, your personal information, such as name, address, telephone number, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, and most recent previous educational agency or institution attended may be shared. Employers and the SJSU Spartan Staffing program and its partners are not to share this information for commercial purposes. By "opting-in" to the Résumé Books service, you are releasing the right for the San José State University Career Center to share your information with the SJSU Spartan Staffing partners and employers for contact and recruitment purposes. 


Tips for Participating in Résumé Books:

  • Use a well-developed, general resume as your “default” resume – be sure to have it critiqued by a Career Center staff member!
  • Only include basic contact information: your name, phone number and email address. You can also choose to include city and state.
  • Update your résumé regularly – at least once a year, preferably once a semester.

Participation in résumé books is voluntary. Should you opt in and decide at any time you wish to opt out, simply update your profile settings.