Employment Search

An employer shaking hands with a new potential employee.

SJSU WorkAbility IV Program provides coaching in job readiness and job search skills to assist you in securing employment. When you are ready to look for a job or internship we offer:

Job-Search Websites

Choose from a number of specific websites that list relevant jobs in your field.

Hot Jobs

Customized job searches that provide you with weekly listings of positions to apply to. After completing the Hot Job Form, contact your WorkAbility IV counselor.


Whether you love to mingle or are petrified to talk to new people, we can help formulate the right strategy. to professionally connect with others in your field of interest.

Utilize Social Media

One of the best ways to get your name out there and connect with professionals is through social media tools like LinkedIn and Facebook. We can show you how.

Job Clubs

Get your questions answered regarding your application preparation, job search approach, and questions around disclosure and disability management in this group format.

Employer Connections