Student Success Story

Photo of Edward

Edward, '17 Electrical Engineering

Position obtained: Lab Assistant Intern with UL Inc. as a freshmen

"Very happy I got an internship as a freshmen because I feel like I have a head start in developing my skills and experience."

What made you interested in this career path?

I enjoy working with my hands and I truly believe I can make a difference in the world by becoming an engineer. I also knew the importance of getting an internship early which is why I started looking even as a freshmen.

Tell us about the organization and position.

UL Inc. is a safety science company, helping to make sure products are functioning safely. As a lab assistant intern, I learned different skills on testing the products.

How did you find your position?

Someone from the Career Center came to present a Resume Workshop in class and it made me really think about getting an internship. I used that information to build a resume and started applying to internships I found from searching Google. I wasn't getting any responses, but eventually my friend told me about an internship and he gave me a referral. I sent him my resume and got an interview. I was nervous, but I prepared well. I even went out with friends to buy some professional clothing.

What tips would you give your fellow Spartans?

Make sure you really represent yourself well in the interview and understand the importance of your network.