Student Success Story

Photo of Jessica

Jessica, '15 Communication Studies

Positions obtained: Marketing & Communications Intern with Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits and A.S. Director of Communications, both obtained during her Senior year.

"Getting involved on and off campus was the best way to help me discover what career I want pursue after college. From those experiences, I know what my strengths are and how I can contribute to make any organization and the world a better place"

What made you interested in this career path?

I realized I really enjoyed communicating with people from diverse backgrounds and coming up with creative ways to portray a message. I'm also really interested in inspiring people to have a better life and be happier, and so this is definitely the career path that fits my interest.

Tell us about the organization and position.

Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (SVCN) helps nonprofits in the area and ensures that their voice is heard and that solutions are developed in ways in which everybody wins. I created an online presence for the organization through social media, press releases, e-mails, etc.

The A.S. Director of Communications position is part of SJSU student government and I help raise awareness to students about who we are and engage them to get involved.

How did you find your position?

For the internship with SVCN, I found it on SJSU Handshake. I was actually at one point always searching for internships on SJSU Handshake and Once I found the internships I liked, then I made sure my resume was tailored and it had no errors. Luckily I got a call from SVCN and preparing for the interview was really important. I practiced and sort of created a study guide to prepare for common questions. The interview then went smoothly and I got an offer!

For the A.S. position, you have to run for it. So I actually had a marketing campaign to get students to vote for me. I would participate in town hall type discussions so students can understand who I am and the great things I wanted to do as the A.S. Director of Communications. I also literally went knocking on people's dorms to just introduce myself and remind them to vote. I'm grateful that I won and it's been great with A.S. ever since.

What tips would you give your fellow Spartans?

Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too. Confidence is like magic. Be positive and everything around you will be positive too. Also, write down your goals, print them out, and hang them up on their wall so that you'll always have a constant reminder to work hard and make things happen.