First time using WebEx?

First time using WebEx?
We are unable to support IPad devices in WebEx Event Center and we are working with the vendor to resolve the issue.

Once you click the Webinar link, you will need to enter your name and an email (your email will only be used for log-in purposes).Webex sign in page
You can view the attendees list.
Webex tutorial attendee list screenshot

Asking Questions:
For questions, type it into the Q&A window.  You can choose to ask your question to specific panelist, all panelists, the host, the presenter, or the host & presenter.

Your question will be addressed when available either by the presenter or through the Q&A window. Questions answered through the Q&A window will be visible by all attendees.
webex Tutorial QnA Screenshot

Chat Window: 
You can type comments in the Chat window. Also, you can decide who you want to send your message to. For example, you can send it to a specific panelist, all panelists, the host, the presenter, or the host & presenter. webex Tutorial QnA Chat Screenshot
The presenter may navigate online resources, so if you don’t see the Chat or Q&A window, move your mouse to the top of the presentation and a drop-down menu will appear.

webex shared desktop screenshot



The presenter may Poll the audience. Thus, you will see the Polling window pop up on the right of the screen. Upon answering the questions, the presenter may also share the results of the attendees’ answers.

webex tutorial polling

webex polling screenshot
Whenever you decide to leave the event, please fill out the post-survey that will appear. 

webex post survey tutorial