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This is the legacy website of Dr. Katherine D. Harris. My Curriculum Vitae, including publications and current teaching assignments (with links to courses) and blog posts are housed at my triproftri blog and website.

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 Digital Studies (based on my research projects)

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  The Babbage Engine
  "The Battle to Define the Future of the Book in the Digital World" by Clifford Lynch, First Monday
  "Before and After the Web: An Interview with George P. Landow," Electronic Book Review
  "Big in Japan: A Cellphone Novel for You the Reader"
  "Books in the Age of the iPad"
  Cell Phone Culture: Mobile Technology in Everyday Lives. 2006
  "The Code is Not the Text (Unless It is the Text)," John Cayley, Electronic Book Review
  The Blackwell Companion to Digital Humanities
  The Blackwell Companion to Digital Literary Studies
  Creative Commons Legal Code, copyright statement for the Internet
  "Cybertext Killed the Hypertext Star," Electronic Book Review
  "Deeper Into the Machine: The Future of Electronic Literature," Culture Machine 5 (2003), N. Katherine Hayles
  Defining Digital Humanities in 2008, Part I by Lisa Spiro
  "Designing our Disciplines in a Postmodern Age -- and Academy" by Matthew Kirschenbaum, Electronic Book Review
  "Developing a Wikipedia Research Policy"
  A Digital Humanities Manifesto
  Digital Scholarship
  "Electronic Books - A Bad Idea" (1998)
  The Electronic Labrinyth
  Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary by N. Katherine Hales
  "Electronic Literature, What is it?" by ELO
  "Family Album: Anne Carson's Deeply Moving Scrap Heap"
  "Hello Worlds: Why Humanities Students Should Learn to Program" by Matt Kirschenbaum
  History of Hypertext Timeline
  "The Humanities Go Google"
  How We Became PostHuman, N. Katherine Hayles
  "Inheritance & Loss: A Brief Survey of Google Books" by Paul Duguid, First Monday
  International Electronic Literature Wiki
  Introducing Cyberculture
  "Is It a Book?"
  "Literary Alzheimer's" on using linguistic computer to discovery Agatha Christie's Alzheimers
  New Media & Cyberculture: Classic Readings Online
  "The Once and Future E-Book: on Reading in the Digital Age" ArsTechnica
  "Politexts, Hypertexts, and Other Cultural Formations in the Late Age of Print", Nancy Kaplan, CMC 2:3 (1995)
  "Reinventing the Possibilities: Academic Literacy and New Media," Fiberculture
  "Scholar in the Digital Library" by John Unsworth
  "A [S]creed for Digital Fiction," Alice Bell, et al.
  Text Encoding Initiative Resources
  Text-E, Virtual Colloquiums
  Towards Tag Poetry, Writing Response Theory
  "The Virtual Codex: From Page Space to E-Space" by Johanna Drucker
  Attention 101by Howard Rheingold
  Attention 102 by Howard Rheingold
  Book vs. E-Book
  Critical Code Working Group Conference
  Did You Know
  Digital Rhetoric 2007 Class by Liz Losh
  Digital Scholarship (over Hitler)
  Fair(y) Use Tale on Copyright
  Her Morning Elegance
  New Directions in Digital History: Dan Cohen
  Pulp Fiction as Typography
  Preserving the British Library's C19 Newspaper Collection
  Scott McCloud on Comics
  Web 2.0: The Machine is Us/ing Us
  Digital Campus
  MITH Digital Dialogues
  UVA Literary Scholarship Goes High-Tech
  "Wikipedia, a Victim of Its Own Success?" NPR


      Digital Humanities Centers
      Center for Digital Humanities, UCLA
      Center for Information Technology & Society, UC Santa Barbara
      Center for the Study of Books & Media, Princeton University
      Centre for Editorial and Intertextual Research, Cardiff University
      CADRE, a new media initiative at SJSU
      Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, University of Maryland
      Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
      Stanford Humanities Lab
      Stanford University Center for the Humanities
      Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
      Digital Humanities Degree Programs
      Transcriptions, UC Santa Barbara
      Digital Humanities Summer Institute
      MITH, University of Maryland
      Media Studies Department, University of Virginia


      Digital Archives, Tools & Databases (an incomplete list)
      Blake Archive
      British Booktrade Index
      British Fiction 1800-1829: A Database of Production, Circulation and Reception
      British Library Full Text Treasures
      British Library Turning the Pages Project
      British Women Romantic Poets Project, UC Davis
      Bronte, Charlotte Juvenilia, Houghton Library, Harvard
      Collex, NINES
      Crime Broadsides Project, Harvard Law School Library
      David Rumsey Map Collection
      Database of Mid-Victorian Wood-Engraved Illustrations
      de.licio.us for sharing bookmarks
      Dickinsen Electronic Archive, MITH
      Digital Collections, Library of Congress
      Digital Collections, UCLA Library
      Digital Research Tools List - a comprehensive list of digital tools
      Digital Tools Used in the Arts & Humanities
      Early English Books Online (subscription)
      Emblem Project Utrecht
      English Novel 1830-1836: A Bibliography of British Fiction
      Global Poetry System
      Google Books
      Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
      Internet Library of Early Journals
      Jing, Screencasting Tool
      MITH's Vintage Computers Archive
      Monk, a textual analysis tool
      Nineteenth Century Serials Edition
      NYPL Digital Gallery
      Penny Illustrated Paper, British Library
      The Poetess Archive
      Reading Experience Database
      Science in the 19th-Century Periodical
      The Spectator Text Project, Montclair State University
      TaPOR, text analysis tool
      Transcriptions: Literary History and the Culture of Information, UC Santa Barbara
      Turning the Pages, British Library
      University of Virginia Digital Collection
      University of Virginia Open-Access Databases
      Virtual Exhibitions, British Library
      Women Writers: The Reception of their Works (in the Netherlands)
      21 Steps, Charles Cumming
      Ad Verbum, Nick Montfort
      "Code Scares Me" by Jess Loseby
      The Color of Television by Stuart Moulthrop and Sean Cohen
      Get Lamp
      "Game, Game, Game and Again Game" by Jason Nelson
      Getting Started with Patchwork Girl
      Hypertext Fiction Recommendations by other students
      Introduction to Patchwork Girl
      Flight Paths
      The Right Number, Scott McCloud
      The Girl and the Wolf, Nick Montfort
      Using Storyspace
      The New River: A Journal of Digital Writing and Art
      Electronic Literature Collection Vol. I
      Other publications by the ELO
      "Code," rssgallery


      Cyberculture Studies Book Review
      Digital Humanities Quarterly
      Digital Studies
      Electronic Book Review
      First Monday: Peer-Reviewed Journal on the Internet
      Journal of Community Informatics
      Journal of Electronic Publishing
      Journal of E-Media Studies
      The Literary Platform
      Silicon Valley Watcher
      TEXT Technology
      Vectors: Journal of Culture & Technology
      Wi: Journal of Mobile Media


      Digital Arts & Humanities Discussion Group
      Humanist Discussion Group


      Creative Commons
      Electronic Frontier Foundation
      Electronic Literature Organization (ELO)
      Digital Arts & Humanities, event calendar, blog & hub for all things digital, especially in the UK
      Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations
      If:Book, A Project of the Institute for the Future of the Book
      Interedition: an international initiative for digital scholarly editing infrastructures
      Software Environment for the Advancement of Scholarly Research
      Text Encoding Initiative Resources


      Resource Lists
      Cyberculture, listing of projects and web pages at Voice of the Shuttle
      Digital, listing of projects and web pages at Voice of the Shuttle
      Electronic Literature Readings, by Rita Raley, UCSC
      Institutional Models for Humanities Computing


      Research Libraries
      Access to Archives, Database for all UK Archives
      Copac, free access to merged catalogues of major University & National archives in the UK and Ireland

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