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James C. Lindahl

Lindahl, James C.

Lecturer AY-B,  Humanities
Lecturer AY-B,  Philosophy

Additional Contact Information

Phone Number(s)
(408) 924-4501

Office Hours
MTWR 8:00 - 8:45, or by appt.

Dr. James Lindahl has been teaching at San Jose State University since 1998 in the departments of Philosophy and Humanities. He received his bachelors degree in Philosophy right here at your very own San Jose State. He received his masters and Phd in Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.



One story has it that James Lindahl was born of human parents somewhere in Wisconsin. Another story has him spawned from freshwater otters somewhere in southern Louisiana while a third has him burst alive from the cold sandstone on the coast off Half Moon Bay. He exists in six dimensions, teaching Philosophy and Humanities in the first four. In dimensions five and six, he governs a small society of creatures not unlike your hummingbirds where everyone pays their taxes and public education is adequately funded. It would take a full course to characterize his life work. It might be summarized by quoting Patrick Star from an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants in which he composes a song that ends with the line: "You've won this round, brocolli."