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Kathleen McConnell

McConnell, Kathleen

Assistant Professor,  Communication Studies
Course Coordinator, COMM 100W: Writing for Influence

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(408) 924-5374


Ph.D., Rhetoric and Public Culture, Indiana University (2008), M.A., Popular Culture, Bowling Green State University (2003), B.A., The Evergreen State College (1997)

I study the educational ideals, imaginings, and anxieties about school expressed in philosophical treatises, political tracts, films, and science fiction. My current research focuses on attitudes toward higher education and the fear that shifting institutional conditions have compromised the liberalist aspirations of rhetorical education, or the preparation of citizens for democratic practice. In response to that fear, my work considers how our commitments to institutions of higher education might themselves be understood as acts of rhetorical invention.

Representative of my work is my essay, "In Appreciation of the Kind of Rhetoric We Learn in School: An Institutional Perspective on the Rhetorical Situation and on Education," (Quarterly Journal of Speech, August 2010), "Of Careers and Curricula Vitae: Losing Track of Academic Professionalism" (International Journal of Communication, 2011), “The Ethical and Professional Risks of Engaged Scholarship,” (Rhetoric & Public Affairs, Spring 2012), and “Connective Tissue, Critical Ties: Academic Collaboration as a Form and Ethics of Kinship” (Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies, 2012).