Cargill, Shelley

Cargill, Shelley

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences




Preferred: (408) 924-4891


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Cal-Davis, 1998
  • Master of Science, Animal Science, Univ Of Cal-Davis, 1993
  • Bachelor of Science, Animal Science, CSU-Polytechnic SLO, California, United States, 1991
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Physiology, Univ Of Cal-Davis, California, United States, 1998


My research involves the study of the female reproductive system in mammalian species and how ovarian input influences overall aging. In particular my research involves how transplantation of young ovaries into aged female mice affects their lifespan. I am also interested in the possible correlation between estrous cycling and increased lifespan in this research model. In a related line of research, I am studying the effects of analgesics on angiogenesis in transplanted ovarian tissue.