Chart Your Own Course

The Career Journey for Graduate Students

The Career Center supports graduate students as they work through the process of exploring how their graduate degree can lead to a wide range of career possibilities and opportunities. For some graduate students, the path from their SJSU graduate program to career is straightforward. For other graduate students, it is not. We are here to help students explore and launch their unique career journey.

Where to Begin?

The Career Center can help graduate students to:

  • Assess interests, skills, values, strengths, and personality style
  • Discover career options both inside and outside academia
  • Create or update CVs, resumes, cover letters, and online profiles
  • Develop job search strategies
  • Prepare for upcoming interviews
  • Build and grow professional networks
  • Explore professional development activities

Graduate students in all departments and stages of their program are welcome to schedule individual appointments and participate in events.

What We Offer

Career Counseling

Schedule a one-on-one appointment with our graduate student Career Counselor. For appointments, please contact Carrie McKnight at or 408-924-6046. 


Check out a variety of workshops and programs designed specifically for graduate students.

  • SJSU Career Center and community events
  • College of Graduate Studies events 


Access career planning resources available to graduate students:

Visit Launch Your Career to view guides on resumes and cover letter writing, networking, job search strategies, and interviewing tips.

Visit Career Center Apps to find online resources for job and internship searches, career assessments, networking tools, resume feedback, and interview preparation.

Explore PhD Programs and Careers

Create your Career Portfolio using Portfolium.

Additional resources:

Transitioning to a New Career?

The Career Center offers specialized support for graduate students transitioning to new career fields. An important part of the process is to identify transferable skills and discover meaningful career values. For appointments and resources to support career transition journeys, please contact Carrie McKnight at or 408-924-6046.