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Katherine D. Harris, Associate Professor

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Department of English and Comparative Literature

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This is the legacy website of Dr. Katherine D. Harris. My Curriculum Vitae, including publications and current teaching assignments (with links to courses) and blog posts are housed at my triproftri blog and website.

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 History of the Book & Textual Studies

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A Lady Typesetter


Book History on the New Yorker cover

  "The End of Books," Scribner's Magazine 1894
  History of the Linotype at the New York Times
  John Jerrold Printing Museum
  Modern Book History, Special Issue of Literature Compass
  Text Production
  Textual Scholarship Defined
  Textual Scholarship Wiki
  "Twilight of the Books," New Yorker article
  Advances in Newspaper Production
  Adventures with Orphan Annie & Hot Metal Type
  How a Book is Made, Circa 1947
  Introducing the Book
  Medieval Helpdesk
  Carol Hoenig's Reaction to the New Yorker's "Shelf Life" cover
  Amy Timberlake's Reaction to the New Yorker's "Shelf Life" cover
  Textual Studies 1500-1800
  Textual Blog


      Degree Programs
      List of UK-based MA courses that focus on History of the Book, maintained by HoBo
      Book History at Texas A&M, week-long workshops
      Book History Workshop, �cole de Institut d'histoire du livre, Lyon, France
      California Rare Book School
      Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar
      Midwest Book & Manuscript Studies, Graduate School of Library Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
      Montefiascone Project, Montefiascone, Italy
      Rare Book School, University of Virginia, week-long seminars (VA, NY, PA, DC) in everything book related, including creating electronic texts; some scholarships offered
      London Rare Book School
      University of Pennsylvania
      University of Washington, Textual Studies Program
      University of Virginia


      Archives & Projects (see also Digital Humanities page)
      Google Books
      Hand Bookbindings Project
      Microsoft Live Search
      Monk, text analysis tool
      Open Content Alliance Text Archive
      Collex, NINES


      List of History of the Book journals, maintained by HoBo
      Book History
      Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America
      Studies in Bibliography
      Textual Cultures




      Organizations & Centers
      American Printing History Association
      Association for Documentary Editing
      Bibliographical Society of America
      Bibliographical Society of Virginia
      California Center for the Book
      Centre for the History of the Book, Edinburgh

Center for the Book, Library of Congress

      Center for Book Arts, New York
      Centre for Manuscript & Print Studies, University of London
      Center for the Book, Mills College (CA)
      European Society for Textual Scholarship
      If:Book, A Project of the Institute for the Future of the Book
      San Francisco Center for the Book
      Society for Textual Scholarship


      Resource Lists
      Bibliography & History of the Book, Jack Lynch Resources
      HoBo, History of the Book events & resources throughout the UK
      Voice of the Shuttle