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Student Projects

This course is based on collaborative models borrowed from science and technology. With these collaborations in mind, we have begun composing documents as class in Google Docs.  The culminating Final Project is a digital edition of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein created in Page Creator. Below, anyone may view the Web versions of these projects. The individual Digital Editions/Projects are listed by student name.

Timeline 1780-1840

Delicious Links

  • Description: An ongoing list of online resources that address particular themes of the class, including, sublime, landscape, monsters, science, technology, etc.
  • Click here to see the Web version (read only)

Explication of Poem

  • Description: An explication of a poem relevant to student's chapter/letter.
  • See each student project to view each explication.

Analysis of Minor Character

  • Description: An analysis of minor characters in Frankenstein.
  • See each student project to view each minor character analysis.

Digital Projects

Chapter Assignments, Students & Discussion Groups:

Letter I (12/11): NONE
Letter II (3/28): Kyle -- ??
Letter III (7/7): NONE
Letter IV (8/5, 8/13, 8/19): Michael
Vol. I Chp. 1 : Franklin -- ??
Vol. II, Chp. 1: Deborah
Vol. III, Chp. 1 : Jonathan B.

Vol. I Chp. 2: Jessica
Vol. I Chp. 3: Dorothee
Vol. I Chp. 4: Tull
Vol. I Chp. 5: Jasmina
Vol. I Chp. 6: Breanna
Vol. I Chp. 7: Anthony

Vol. II, Chp. 2: Robyn
Vol. II, Chp. 3: Kathy 
Vol. II, Chp. 4: NONE
Vol. II, Chp. 5: Arthur
Vol. II, Chp. 6: Andrew
Vol. II, Chp. 7: NONE
Vol. II, Chp. 8: Andres
Vol. II, Chp. 9: Rachel 

Vol. III, Chp. 2: James
Vol. III, Chp. 3: Kristina
Vol. III, Chp. 4: Jonathan C.
Vol. III, Chp. 5: Karina
Vol. III, Chp. 6: Alexis
Vol. III, Chp. 7: Jonathan P.




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