Update: The Rialto, California, Wigwam Motel is looking better than ever! A route 66 classic since 1949, the Wigwam was the last of Frank Redford’s chain of Native American-themed motels to be built - and is one of three left in the United States (the others can be visited in Cave City, Kentucky, and Holbrook, Arizona). The Rialto Wigwam Village includes nineteen 30 foot-tall teepees constructed of concrete and wood, along with a classic kidney-shaped pool and a barbecue grill. The owner recently emailed us with the good news: “The newly renovated classic motel continues to live on, going on its 56th anniversary, through the support of car enthusiasts, families, foreigners, historians, preservationists, roadies, tourists, travelers and many others for generations to come. Share a piece of history with your loved ones. Visit the Wigwam Motel online at" Check out some recent pictures sent from our friends at the Rialto Wigwam Motel!

Tower Motel
Bakersfield, CA
Motel Inn
San Luis Obispo, CA
White's Motel
Mojave, CA
Western Motel
Santa Clara, CA

Santa Fe Motel
Tehachapi, CA

Madonna Inn
San Luis Obispo, CA

Route 66 Motel
Barstow, CA
Pacific View Motel
Santa Cruz, CA
Sea Shell Motel
Blythe, CA

Also, don't forget to visit Barstow's Route 66 Motel. Built in 1922, the motel offers an example to other towns seeking to revitalize their aging main street districts that might otherwise fall prey to the scourges of drugs and prostitution. Ved and Mridu Shandil have refurbished the formerly non-descript motel into a Mother Road must-see, complete with antique cars between the cottages and round beds in many of the rooms. The couple shows visitors a guestbook filled with the names and memories of road-trippers from around the world, many who have left photos and other memorabilia. For Ved and Mridu, the Route 66 Motel is more than a business; it’s their passion: “Number one: this is Americana. Number two: We are proud to be in Barstow.”

Bakersfield Matchbook (click for larger view)

San Luis Obispo and San Diego Motel Postcards (click for larger views)

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