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Here are some links that I've found useful in my studies of Art Deco and its Streamlined Moderne cousin - along with one site that I maintain. I do not claim responsibility for the contents of these sites, nor can I assure you that they'll be available when you select them. Please email me at wooda@email.sjsu.edu to contribute to this page.

  • Art Deco Society of California - features news, sightseeing tips, shopping, collecting, and more.

  • Eric Carlson, Soft Underbelly of San Jose: In many ways, Eric's site inspired this one. A clever photographic romp through the former Valley of Heart's Delight.

  • Arthur Chandler, The Art Deco Exposition: "The Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes was supposed to bring together the nations of the world and to show, if not quite a unified front, at least some sense of a developing common aesthetic among the practitioners of decorative art and architecture."

  • Randy Juster, Decopix: A solid collection of images, postcards, and advertisements.

  • Andrew Wood, Miami Deco: Here's another collection of images I maintain. As usual, the best photos are shot by Jenny.

  • Michael Zimny, Art Deco: America's Last National Style: "Re-discover this most recent of American styles and its world-renowned historic district on Miami Beach."

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