ben reed's advising policy

near the middle of every semester advising holds go on students' accounts. if you are a CS major who has completed CS 146 then i might be your assigned CS advisor. This page has a list of assigned avisors based on your student id. please note, that is your assigned advisor. if you would prefer a different advisor for whatever reason (office hour schedule is a common reason) you can go to a different CS advisor. if you'd like me to remove your hold please figure out which case you are in and follow the instructions:

CASE 1: you are graduating this semester. no need for advising or hold removal. i'm excited for you! yay! if you still want your hold removed, follow the directions in CASE 2.

CASE 2: you have applied for graduation and have filed a major form. if the classes you have taken and plan to take match that form (or you have filed a substitution form with rula), you can send me an email stating that and I'll remove your hold. MAKE SURE YOUR PLANS MATCH THE EXACT COURSE NUMBERS THAT HAVE BEEN NOTED ON YOUR MAJOR FORM. WHEN YOU TAKE THE COURSE CAN CHANGE BUT THE LIST OF COURSES MUST MATCH YOUR MAJOR FORM OR MUST HAVE BEEN CHANGED WITH A SUBSTITUTION FORM. when you send the email, include your student ID in the email. put QUICK HOLD REMOVAL in the email subject line, so that you will get a quicker response.

CASE 3: you plan on graduating in the next fall or spring but are not in CASE 2. please go to the graduation workshop and come to office hours to sign off on the form.

DEFAULT: stop by my office or zoom office hours. it is first come first serve. no need to make an appointment. if you haven't taken CS 100W or CS 47 yet, please make sure you have a plan to take it in the near future! make sure you have chosen your “deep course” and have a plan to get its prereq completed if you started before Fall 2021. the purpose of advising holds is to make sure you graduate on time. getting those classes lined up is the key to doing that.

you can always stop by for advising or just general advice anytime during the semester. just drop by my office or zoom office hours.
also, even though i am your assigned advisor, you can get advising from other advisors if it is more convenient.

ps - my email is pretty out of control. if you are not getting a response, the stack overflowed and it would be great if you send again.