Humanities 128 Winter 2015

Wassily Kadinsky Dark Freshness 1927

Time: MTWRF 1:00pm - 4:45pm

Location: Clark Hall 225


Won’t be able to travel abroad this summer? Why not EXPERIENCE travel in class during winter session, and complete Area V in 12 days, January 5 -16, 2014 HUMANITIES 128, Perspectives on the 20th century: The West in a Global Context, Prof. Cynthia Rostankowski MTWRF 1:00-4:45 pm, Clark Hall 225 Imagine yourself outside of time, but able to view the past. You are in the United States of America, but able to observe events as they unfold anywhere in the world. In this course, we will pursue the thought experiment just described, and will focus on the twentieth century. We will specifically consider: (1) several wars and the values and agendas that motivated them, (2) an examination of totalitarianism in its several forms, (3) attempts to develop a global community and some of the challenges in doing so, and (4) new developments in philosophy, literature, the visual and film arts, technology, science, economics and politics. Our explorations will include the many and varied media of contemporary culture. January 5-16, 2014

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