Publications & Presentations

Bee-Gates, Donna J

Publications & Presentations

Selected Publications

Bee-Gates, D. (2008, October).  Consumer culture.  Parent Guide, 74-75.

Bee-Gates, D. (2008, September).  True grit: Helping children to persevere when the going gets rough.  Bay Area Parent, 38-42.

Bee-Gates, D. (2007, October).  When to say ‘no’ and when to say ‘I’ll take it!’ Building children’s financial smarts.  Bay Area Parent, 40-48.

Bee-Gates, D. (2006).  I Want It Now: Navigating Childhood in a Materialistic World.  New York:Palgrave MacMillan (see

Bee-Gates, D. (2005, March).  Sacrificing honesty?  Academic pressure may be cheating students out of morals.  Bay Area Parent, 24-26. 

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Bee-Gates, D. (2003, June).  When you fight in front of the kids: Does it help or hurt? Big Apple Parent, 18(6), 91.