Professional & Service Activity

Selected Presentations 

Transdisciplinary Expert Design Workshop. June 16 – 18, 2014, Paris, France. The workshop was organized by the International Social Science Council (ISSC), the International Council for Science (ICSU), the National Research Foundation of South Africa and START and held at UNESCO. I was one of seven international experts on transdisciplinarity invited to collaboratively develop a template for teaching transdisciplinarity.

Red Sox Foundation Home Base Collaborative Research Group, Massachusetts General Hospital. January 23, 2014. Presentation titled: “Understanding Anger and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Current U.S. Service Members.”

College of Applied Sciences and Arts Center for Applied Research on Human Services Seminar Series. March 19, 2014. Presentation titled: “Reintegration of War Affected Young Mothers: Findings from a community based participatory action research study in Liberia, Sierra Leone and northern Uganda,”

Qualitative Research Workshop. January 10, 2013. Delivered half-day training workshop to staff of Native American Health Center, Oakland, CA.

California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center. December 20, 2013. Presented webinar titled: “Public Health Ethics in Practice.”

SJSU Teaching and Learning Conference: High Touch, High Tech, High Impact. December 11, 2013. Panelist in session: “Understanding our students’ lives and working with them, one-on-one.”

SJSU Fellowship for Faculty Women speaker series. December 4, 2013. Presentation titled: “Re-integration of war-affected young mothers: Findings from a community based, participatory action research study in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Northern Uganda.”


Selected Professional Experience

Native American Health Center, Family Wellness Unit. Evaluation Consultant (2012 – 2015)

Consult on Red Vision - SAMHSA-funded grant to improve Strategic Prevention Framework for urban Native Americans in California. Consult on Native Youth Wellness Initiative – SAMHSA-funded grant to decrease Native youth suicide, substance abuse, and mental health issues.


Study on Supportive Environments for California Veterans. Study Director (2009 – 2012)

Directed qualitative study investigating the social reintegration of recently separated California veterans. Co-authored grants, conducted interviews with veterans and service providers, and published results. Study based at University of California, Berkeley and funded by the Veterans Health Administration.


Study on Former Girl Soldiers. Co-Coordinator for West Africa (2006 – 2010)

Co-coordinated a multi-year participatory action research study on reintegration of former girl soldiers with children in Africa. Oversaw 12 field sites, managed 6 child protection officers, conducted ethnographic fieldwork, facilitated conferences, designed evaluation, and presented and published results. Project based at University of Wyoming and funded by Oak Foundation, ProVictimis Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and UNICEF. Included work in U.S.A., Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Uganda.


Professional Service

Peer-Reviewer for Journal of Traumatic Stress, American Journal of Epidemiology, and Social Science and Medicine.

Guest on National Public Radio, Talk of the Nation. November 12, 2012.


Professional Training 

Dean’s Leadership Academy (August 2015 – May 2016). San Jose State University

Academic Affairs Leadership Discovery Group (May 2013 – May 2014). San Jose State University

Summer Institute for Preparing Future Faculty (May - June 2012). University of California, Berkeley

Complex Humanitarian Emergency Leadership Training Program (April 2012). University of California, San Francisco

International Trauma Studies Program (September 2003 – June 2004). 

New York University