PHYS 2A - Lab

This lab section is complementary to the lecture on classical mechanics and fluid dynamics. Fail to complete the lab section with a satisfactory grade will results an overall failing grade in the class. There will be an experiment every week. You will be expected to keep a laboratory notebook for each week’s experiment. You'll need to get my signature (together with your name and date) on your raw data page of your lab book before leaving the lab. Lab reports are due a week after the experiment.


  • Free Fall
  • Acceleration of Gravity
  • Addition of Vectors
  • Newton's Second Law of Motion
  • Energy
  • Momentum and Collisions
  • No Lab
  • Projectile Motion & Conservation Laws
  • Circular Motion
  • Torque
  • No Lab
  • Archimedes' Principle
  • Pressure and the Gas Laws