PHYS 51 - Topics

  • Electric field and electric charge
    Electric charge
    Conductors, insulators, induced charge
    Coulomb's Law
    Electric field and electric force
    E-field calculations
    Electric dipoles
  • Gauss' Law
    Electric charge and electric flux
    Applications of Gauss' Law
    Charges on conductors
  • Electric potential
    Electric potential energy
    Electric potential
    Equipotential surfaces
    Potential gradient
  • Capacitance and dielectrics
    Capacitors and dielectrics
    Capacitors in series and parallel
    Energy storage in capacitors
  • Current, resistance and emf
    Electric current
    Emf and circuits
    Energy and power in circuits
  • Direct-current circuits
    Resistors in series and parallel
    Kirchhoff's rules
    Electrical measuring instruments
    RC circuits
    Power distribution systems
  • Magnetic field and magnetic forces
    Magnetic field
    Magnetic field lines and flux
    Motion of charges in a magnetic field
    Magnetic forces and torques on a current-carrying wires
    Sources of magnetic field
    Magnetic field of moving charges
    Magnetic field of a current element
    Magnetic fields of current-carrying conductors
    Forces between parallel conductors
    Ampere's law
  • Electromagnetic induction
    Induction experiments
    Faraday's law
    Lenz's law
    Motional emf
    Induced electric fields
    Displacement current
  • Inductance
    Mutual inductance
    Self inductance
    Inductors and B-field energy
    RL circuit
    LC circuit
    LRC circuit
  • Alternating current
    Phasors and AC Resistance and reactance
    LRC series circuit
    Power in AC circuits
    Resonance in AC circuits
  • Electromagnetic waves
    Maxwell's equations
    Palne EM waves and speed of light
    Sinusoidal EM waves
    Energy and momentum in EM waves
    Standing EM waves
    The EM spectrum