Publications & Presentations

Christensen, Terry L

Publications & Presentations

  • Terry L. Christensen. "California politics and government: A practical approach (8th ed.)." Book. (January 2007).

    Abstract: A short (150 pages) guide to the government and politics of California, including history, parties, elections, campaigns, direct democracy, interest groups, the legislature, judiciary & executive, local government in California and relations between California and the federal government.

  • Terry L. Christensen. "Local politics: Governing at the grassroots." Book. (January 2006).

    Abstract: A practical guide to government and politics in American communities.

  • Terry L. Christensen. "Projecting politics: Political messages in American films." Book. (January 2005).
  • Terry L. Christensen. "Recall! : California's political earthquake." Book. (January 2004).
  • Terry L. Christensen. "Do you know the way to San Jose? (San Jose politicians in state political arena)." Article. (January 1998).