Research & Scholarly Activities

Major Research & Scholarly Activity

1.      Brain research with emphasis on neural signal feature extraction and stroke rehabilitation through sensors, robotics, and neuroscience. Under the Endowed Chair Grant and Minigrant. 2016.

2.      Design, fabrication, and control of an automatic box folding machine (joint project with CertainTeed Saint-Globain)

3.      Energy harvest through walking (collaborated with Prof. Dubowsky, director of Field and Space Robotics Laboratory at MIT, and his research team (during my one-year leave at MIT). 2014-2015.

4.      Satellite debris collection using innovative electroadhesion technology under zero-gravity environment (joint research with SRI, NASA, and Naval Research Lab). The prototype was tested in a zero-gravity flight. 2013-2014.

5.      Development of an aerial robotic sensor network for firefighter protection (joint research with KWJ Engineering, Inc.). 2012-2014.

6.      HIV drug manipulation, assembly, and inspection using an articulated robot with a machine vision system (joint project withDiagnostics for the Real World (DRW) Ltd. 2013-2014.

7.      Automatic assembly procedures and optimization for an ultrasonic sensing catheter using robotic and sensor technology (joint research with Boston Scientific Corporation. 2010-2013.

8.      Post-earthquake pipe inspection using the pipe-climbing robot (sponsored by NSF).  The robot was mounted and tested on the utility pipe in a two-story commercial building built on the UC Berkeley’s shaking table – an earthquake simulator). This research work was selected as one of NSF-NEES 2011-2012 Activity Highlights; Pages 12-13 (see

9.      Development of a mobile sensory robot for hospital emergency room (joint research with KWJ Engineering, Inc.). 2011-2012.

10.   Space simulating chamber’s tilt table control using multi-sensor feedback (joint research with NASA Ames Research Center), 2011-2012.

11.   PI, SJSU Awards for Research, Scholarship, Or Creative Activity (RSCA), “Study of Meridians in TCM for Serpentine Surgical Robot Pathways.” (2011)

12.   PI, California State University Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB) Grant: “Design of Fiber Optic Structure for Intravascular Artery Plaque Inspection.” (2006-2007). (This research was reported as a success story in the 2011 CSUPERB annual report).

13.   PI, California State University Research Grant: “Development of a Textbook with Laboratory Supplement to Include Hands-on Experiments for Educating Next-Generation Engineers on Smart Sensing Technologies.” (2006)

14.   Summer Fellowship, Industry Initiatives for Science & Math Education: “Nano-Scale Precision Measurement Using Laser Interferometer.” (2005).

15.   PI, SJSU Junior Faculty Career Development Grant: “Research on Sensor Technologies.” (2003-2004)

16.   PI, Professional Development Grant: “Research on Nanosensors.” (2003)

17.   PI, Grant Development Program Award: “Development of a Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Proposal.” (2003)

18.   PI, CSU Awards for Research, Scholarship or Creative Activity (2002). This research won the first place in the 2002 CSU Research Competition (among the 23 CSU universities).

19.   PI, CSU Awards for Research, Scholarship or Creative Activity (2001)

20.   PI, COE Research Development Grant (2002)

21.   PI, Professional Development Grant (2001)

22.   PI, Professional Development Grant (2000)