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Arms Control & Domestic and International Security (ACDIS) Center at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana announces the 5th annual workshop in international security. Please click here  for further details.


SJSU's Silicon Valley Big Data & Cybersecurity Center is seeking a new Center Director [click here for position description]


Masters of Science in Software Engineering - with an emphasis in Cybersecurity has begun accepting candidates. [Click here for more information]


SJSU's Dr. David Schuster is featured in an article entitled Cyber Safety Exploring the Human Element in Online Security.


Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano speaks at SJSU [video]


NerdScholar Favorites: Cyber Security Programs-SJSU Ranked as one of the Best!

Cyber Security & Big Data at San Jose State University

SJSU's Silicon Valley Big Data and Cybersecurity Center (SVBCC)has now been in a fully vested Organized Research & Training Unit (ORTU) mode  for nearly two years.  SVBCC is currently housed in the College of International and Extended Studies (CIES) at San Jose State University.  This new designation allows SVBCC to standout - in front of others in these two fields - as a designated and recognized unit working in the very areas that are impacting security, commerce, and flow of information the United State today.  

San Jose State is quickly moving forward with an interdisciplinary big data & cybersecurity program as its call to action. For the past two years, San Jose State has led an ongoing conversation with the community, government, and industry leaders to educate the public, identify needs and vet requirements for a collegiate program in these areas.

As a result, several key objectives for the development of a San Jose State big data & cybersecurity program have been identified. One of these objectives is to host the U.S. Cyber Challenge Northern California Cybersecurity Summer Boot Camp. But as important as cybersecurity - big data has become a viable and essential component in the development of information systems, allowing researchers to develop processes that can mine important data trends that could assist in medicine, automobile traffic analysis, or cybersecurity threats.  Big data and cybersecurity now go hand-in-hand!

SJSU has taken full advantage of funding opportunities to enhance and expand its research in such areas as deep data mining, smartmeter malware prevention, cybersecurity training at all levels as well expand the opportunities to use these two areas to better fit into the vast number of majors and departments on campus including; Justice Studies, Library and Information Systems, and Management Information Systems.