Big Data and Cybersecurity at SJSU

As Silicon Valley’s foremost public university, San José State University is committed to excellence in both big data and cyber defense fields. Since 2014, SJSU's Silicon Valley Big Data and Cybersecurity Center (BDCC) has worked to create a nexus of academic and industry expertise through multidisciplinary collaboration with more than 40 fulltime and adjunct faculty members across the university and partners in Silicon Valley companies. The adjunct faculty members are working subject matter experts in big data and cybersecurity.

The BDCC is focused on program development, especially as teaching and research have strong public and private interest and support. Currently housed in SJSU's College of Professional and Global Education, the Center stands out - in front of others in these two fields - as a designated and recognized unit working in the very areas that are impacting security, commerce, and the flow of information in the United States today.

The Master of Science in Software Engineering with Specialization in Cybersecurity program was launched for employees of Cisco Systems Inc. in Fall 2014 and expanded to the general public in Fall 2017. SJSU has integrated cybersecurity courses into various bachelor and master degree programs, such as Business, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Electrical Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Library and Information Science, and Psychology.

The Master of Science in Data Analytics program was launched in Fall 2018. This program provides students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds with the advanced education necessary to draw insights from real data to apply analytical skills to solve real-world problems. Executives and domain experts from more than 20 Silicon Valley companies have collaborated with SJSU professors in developing curricula, lecturing classes, delivering seminars, advising projects, and supervising internships.