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At the SJSU Lurie College of Education, we prepare transformative educators, counselors, therapists, school and community leaders. We do this through an emancipatory approach across our teaching, scholarship, and service.

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Statement in Support of Culturally Sustaining, Equity Driven, and Justice Focused Pedagogies

The SJSU Lurie College of Education is committed to taking action to advance racial justice and educational equity. As deans, we are in solidarity with our faculty, students, staff, alumni, and community partners whose work confronts structural racism, inequity, and oppression in our educational systems and society at large. At a time when there is tremendous pressure and scrutiny on educators, we want to make clear our responsibility and commitment to support our colleagues and community to speak truth, advance our collective understanding through research and teaching, and advocate for justice. Education Deans and Leaders from campuses across the California State University system are similarly allied with educators who advance culturally sustaining, equity driven, and justice focused pedagogies and have issued a statement to voice their support. - Dean Heather Lattimer and Associate Dean Marcos Pizarro

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Our services are developmentally appropriate, equity-minded, evidence-based, and culturally sustaining for each child and family. We focus on children and youth ages 0-17 years and their families. Using a primary prevention model, we use screenings to identify need for evaluations, provide brief services, and targeted referrals to community resources and services. Educational programs are available in individual, family, and group formats both in-person, and via telehealth.

BA Interdisciplinary Studies Feature

Student Feature | Doris Alejos, Jeff Weibens, Mona Lisa Sharp, and Ruby Vergara

Our new BA in Interdisciplinary Studies online degree completion program is designed for individuals who have accrued some college credits with a flexible and engaging opportunity to complete their bachelor’s degree. The program brings together a variety of academic disciplines including education and the social sciences with a focus on leadership skills and promoting social justice to support career advancement. 

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Teacher Diverity Forum

We invite you to join us for the Teacher Diversity Forum in Collaboration with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, presented by IBM. 

The Teacher Diversity Forum provides insight into the educator workforce. Lurie College is ensuring we are preparing a diverse community of transformative educators for K12 schools and within the classroom.

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