Gold and blue grads jumping up in the air.

What Does It Mean to Be the Most Transformative University in the Nation?

It means discovering what you’re capable of. It means finding out who you are. It means understanding how you can change the world. We believe that everyone at SJSU has the power to transform not only themselves but the world around them. Every Spartan has a story of transformation. Live yours.

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President Mary A. Papazian speaking with students.

“Though rankings come and go, our values-driven culture leaves us poised to continue, now and into the future, educating the next generation of creative, dynamic and resilient leaders here at SJSU.”

—Dr. Mary A. Papazian, SJSU President

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Alec Giurlani.

Alec Giurlani

Academic Advisor, H&A Student Success Center

“As a student at SJSU, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. The entire college of H&A was so understanding and worked with me through my whole cancer journey. I never expected SJSU to be such a kind and loving family. Thankfully, I am now 5+ years cancer-free and working full time at SJSU as an Academic Advisor. I’m grateful for SJSU and the opportunity to give back.”

Larissa Vega Noriega.

Larissa Vega Noriega

‘22 Business Administration

“Attending SJSU has allowed me to expand my opportunities, it allowed me to become my own person, be more responsible and independent. My experience at SJSU has definitely made my life more fast-paced, but I am grateful for the challenges it is bringing me and I believe it will help me in my future.”

Norman K. Tuitavuki.

Norman K. Tuitavuki

‘17 MA Transportation Management

“I completed a graduate degree from San Jose State University several years ago. Without this formal training - I don’t know where I’d be at this moment in my life. The education I received from San Jose State has given me the tools I need to advance my career upward.”

Shalini Singh.

Shalini Singh

‘05 Master of Business Administration

“I became a technologist from a building professional and honed my business acumen and analysis skills while at SJSU.”

Kendall Sooter.

Kendall Sooter

‘16 MA Communication Studies

“I came to SJSU thinking I would become a teacher after. Little did I know that during my time there that I would make some of the greatest friends and professional connections of my life. SJSU made me who I am today and helped me to get my dream job.”