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What Does It Mean to Be the Most Transformative University in the Nation?

It means discovering what you’re capable of. It means finding out who you are. It means understanding how you can change the world. We believe that everyone at SJSU has the power to transform not only themselves but the world around them. Every Spartan has a story of transformation. Live yours.

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President Mary A. Papazian speaking with students.

“Though rankings come and go, our values-driven culture leaves us poised to continue, now and into the future, educating the next generation of creative, dynamic and resilient leaders here at SJSU.”

—Dr. Mary A. Papazian, SJSU President

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Testimonials of Transformation

Vanndy Loth.

Vanndy Loth-Kumar

‘12 Nursing, ‘15 Master of Public Health, ‘21 Doctor of Nursing Practice

“SJSU set me on a path towards a rewarding career. SJSU introduced me into nursing. I was able to gain a strong foundation in patient care. Now I am in a position to take on students at my clinical site and help patients improve their mental health.”

Marielle Lacanlale.

Marielle Lacanlale

‘22 Nursing

“If I had not gone to SJSU to pursue nursing, I would not have been able to develop the work ethic that I have now to achieve my goals. SJSU has also provided me with a very strong FIlipino community. I had also grown a very close knit friend group that has been able to support me in my journey throughout college. Now that I am in the nursing school here, SJSU has provided me with so many opportunities to make a difference within my community.”

Carlos David Pérez.

Carlos David Pérez

‘74 Art and Design

“In 1972, I was accepted into the Graphic Design Program at SJSU and, in 1974, I was chosen by the graphic design faculty as one of the top three portfolios of our class. The prize was an apprenticeship with a local advertising agency as a summer paid gig. In 1976, I was hired as an Art Director, proving that the education and training that I had received at SJSU had been worth its weight in gold.”

Nadya Carlson-Bowen.

Nadya Carlson-Bowen

‘21 Child and Adolescent Development

“I started at West Valley College a few years ago. However things changed and my twin sister passed away at age 26 years old with colon cancer. But with obstacles that life threw at me with the hardships I faced, I finally graduated with my AA there. I’ve always been a goal-getter, a problem solver and have always wanted to chase my dreams. I applied and got into SJSU for Fall 2017 and I am finally there. I will be graduating from SJSU this May, spring 2021, with the coming of my teaching credential shortly.”

Carl Henderson.

Carl Henderson

‘04 African American Studies

“My time at SJSU was a great transformation. As a transfer student from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, I arrived in San José deflated and depressed. I found positivity and inspiration within the Xi Gamma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. After graduation I pursued coaching...with the life mission of ‘encouraging students to have a dream and admonishing them to have courage through adversity.’ My time at SJSU, though full of trials and tribulations, was the greatest time of my life.”

Sharon Martinez.

Sharon Martinez

‘20 Sociology

“Before graduating high school I applied to SJSU and my application unfortunately got withdrawn. I didn’t let that stop me though. I applied once more and a couple months later I was so excited that I had received my admission offer! I built strong friendships with my peers and strong relationships with my professors. SJSU transformed me in more ways than one, but I am glad I never gave up on myself. SJSU fostered a passion and purpose within me to help others. I will always be thankful for my life and experiences at San José State.”

Isra Ahmad.

Isra Ahmad

‘13 Health Science

“SJSU allowed me to make mistakes, learn from my experiences and expanded my own understanding of my horizons. My passions to serve communities who would have otherwise been unheard, silenced or ostracized were also cemented through the service learning opportunities granted at SJSU. I am forever grateful for the time that I spent at SJSU! Go Spartans!”

Tara Caughlan.

Tara Caughlan

‘16 MA Environmental Studies

“I met so many amazing students and staff at SJSU. In the environmental studies program, I was surrounded by people who wanted to make the world a better place. I now work at the San Francisco Zoo, which is dedicated to conservation, both local and distant. My studies at SJSU helped me see the plight of animals in a much larger context. Thank you, SJSU!”

David Ngô.

David Ngô

‘19 Public Relations

“SJSU instilled the confidence in me that a career through writing was possible. It was within reach. Coming from the East Side San Jose where access to resources are sometimes harder to come by—I became immersed into a different world on campus. The professors from the School of Journalism and Mass Communications worked tirelessly to help me graduate and saw the potential before I even did.”