Nadya Carlson-Bowen

’21 Child and Adolescent Development

Nadya posing on a hill overlooking the water.

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We all have goals. We envision our lives when we are young. Graduate college quickly and go on with life. We all have time frames when we want to reach our goals. But sometimes obstacles come before and we get a bit drifted away. I started at West Valley College a few years ago. I have always loved school and life. I was never in any rush on getting through it. A lot of my friends got through college so quick, but then never got a job, just a degree. I took my time because I enjoyed my life and I knew what I wanted to do then. I wanted to become a teacher. 

However, things changed and my twin sister passed away at age 26 years old with colon cancer. But with obstacles that life threw at me with the hardships I faced, I finally graduated with my AA there. 

I took a year off and traveled. Spent a lot of time with my parents. Life had a different meaning to me and I saw it more clearly through the good and the bad.

A year after, I applied and got into SJSU for Fall 2017. I have faced many challenges over the last few years. My mom, in February 2020, was diagnosed with breast cancer and now is a survivor. It was a tough thing to go through but we got through it together.

But...whatever life throws at me, I’ve always been a goal-getter, a problem solver and have always wanted to chase my dreams. I’ve had an amazing support system. 

I am finally there. I will be graduating from SJSU this May, spring 2021, with the coming of my teaching credential shortly. 

Everyone faces challenges in their own ways. But never give up. Never give up hope. And when you're ready to get back on your feet and go back, then go.