Celebration of Teaching

Each year at SJSU, the Lurie College of Education hosts the Celebration of Teaching. During the Spring 2020 semester, we asked local middle school teachers, high school teachers, community college faculty, and SJSU faculty to nominate students that have the qualities that would make them an outstanding future educator. Congratulations to the 64 nominees who have been recognized and awarded with a $1000 scholarship towards any Lurie College credential program - watch the video above to learn about our awardees!

  • 0:04 – Remarks from Dean Heather Lattimer
  • 3:29 – Middle school awardees
  • 4:54 – High school awardees
  • 7:04 – Community college and partner awardees
  • 9:34 – San Jose State awardees

Meet an Awardee: Henry Fan

Celebration of Teaching Recipient Henry Fan

Henry Fan was a student at Foothill College and transferred to SJSU, where he now studies computer science and plans to become an educator. Henry recently received a grant from the Lurie College of Education to attend the annual CA STEAM Symposium - listen about his experiences below!

Meet an Awardee: Vinson Vũ

Celebration of Teaching Recipient Vivian Vu

Vinson Vũ was a student at Evergreen Valley High School and enrolled at SJSU, where they now study business administration and plan to become an educator.  Vinson was recently selected as a speaker at the Lurie College of Education's Future of Learning Summit - listen to Vinson's talk below!

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