Student Research Day 2019

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Barbara Bekins photo

Barbara Bekins, Paul Byrd and the Gift of Teaching

Hydrologist Barbara Bekins, ’88 MS Math, designates the Paul F. Byrd Scholarship Endowment in the College of Science as a beneficiary to honor her inspiring Math professor.

Commencement Photo

Spring 2022 Commencement for the College of Science

Congratulations to the Classes of Spring 2022. Please see the commencement link to watch the live-stream.

Craig Clements Photo

KVNV-TV Consults Dr. Clements about Dry Fuel for Fires

Dr. Craig Clements speaks with KVNV-TV about expecting a drier season which could lead to more dry fuel for wildfires. 

Philip Heller photo

Dr. Heller gives closing remarks at SJSU “Beyond Duty” exhibition

Dr. Philip Heller, president of the Jewish Faculty and Staff Association, organizes support for the exhibition honoring Holocaust heroes and cohosts the consular officers of seven nations.

Sciencepalooza photo

NBC News covers 2022 Sciencepalooza Fair

Hundreds of young scientists met outdoors at San Jose State University for the Sciencepalooza Fair.

Benjamin Carter photo

KCBS consults Dr. Carter on Agave Plants

Dr. Benjamin Carter speaks with KCBS about how Agave Americana plant behaviour relates to the drought.

Brigitte McDonald Photo

Dr. McDonald gives University Scholar Series Talk

Dr. Birgitte McDonald describes her research on the impacts of disturbance on marine mammals.

Kate Forrest photo

Meteorology Graduate Student Kate Forrest wins SJSU Grad Slam

Kate Forrest passionately presents her thesis on wildfire tornadoes at SJSU’s 2022 Grad Slam and wins first place.

Eugene Cordero photo

NBC news consults Dr Cordero about climate education program

Dr. Eugene Cordero explains how his educational program, Green Ninja, teaches students about climate and environmental topics.

Madalyn Radlauer photo

Dr. Radlauer honored with the Early Career Investigator Award

Dr. Madalyn Radlauer was presented with the Early Career Investigator Award for her research in eco-friendly chemical reactions.

Dr Wilkinson photo

Dr. Wilkinson’s research contributes to the Nobel Prize

Dr. Katherine Wilkinson and her students contribute to a research article cited by the Nobel Prize Committee.

Scott Shaffer photo

Mercury News Consults Dr. Shaffer on Gulls

Dr. Shaffer explains gulls' behaviors and why they go to baseball games based on his research.

Dr Diao photo

CBS News consults Dr. Diao about new wildfire study

Dr. Minghui Diao speaks with CBS News and expresses concern about the health effects from future wildfires.

Dr Shaffer and LeAnn Teruya photo

SJSU faculty receive award for exceptional achievement

Dr. Scott Shaffer and LeAnne Teruya receive awards for their noteworthy accomplishment in scholarship and teaching.

2022 NSF Winners

Early career faculty win NSF awards

Dr. Hilary Hurst, Dr. Kassahun Betre and Dr. Madalyn Radlauer have won National Science Foundation awards to support faculty and student research.

Kate Wilkin and Amanda Stasiewicz photo

Fighting Fire with Fire

Dr. Kate Wilkin and Dr. Amanda Stasiewicz with the Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center are working together address wildfires.

ISB building photo

New Interdisciplinary Science Building

The ISB will change science teaching and research at SJSU.

Dean Kaufman photo

University and College of Science Awardees

The College of Science gave awards to outstanding staff, faculty and alumni in 2021.

Student Research Day Photo

17th Annual College of Science Student Research Day

The 17th Annual College of Science Student Research Day was on May 6, 2022 10AM-1PM with 100 research posters presented by students.

Dr Jamie Alea photo

The Science of Advising

Director of Academic Advising Jamie Alea keeps her eyes to the future and helps students achieve their dreams


Information for newly admitted students

A short introduction to the College of Science by Dean Michael Kaufman, a Student and Alumni Panel, and department webinars are linked here.

Kassahun Betre photo

College of Science Virtual Seminar

Dr. Kassahun Betre gave the last College of Science Virtual Seminar of Spring 2022. Check back later for the Fall 2022 seminars.

Dr Smallwood and Tommy Wen Chin photo

Dr. Smallwood uses diamonds in research

Dr. Chris Smallwood and undergrad Tommy Wen Chin study diamonds to understand quantum physics.

International Space Station

SJSU Students Use Bioinformatics to Help NASA

Six SJSU students help NASA better understand how living organisms react to life on the International Space Station.