Safety Committee


The mission of the SJSU College of Science Safety Committee is to ensure a safe work environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors through the creation and implementation of safety programs. It is the responsibility of the Committee to recommend to the Dean department-appropriate safety policies in accordance with federal, state and University guidelines that cover workplace safety.

The College of Science Safety Committee is made up of at least one representative from each of the different departments within the college. Meetings convene at least quarterly, and more frequently when necessary. Meeting minutes will be posted here.

Safety Committee Charter [pdf]

Meeting Minutes

November 2, 2017 [pdf]

December 14, 2017 [pdf]

January 11, 2018 [pdf]

February 8, 2018 [pdf]

March 8, 2018 [pdf]

April 12, 2018 [pdf]

October 11, 2018 [pdf]

December 18, 2018 [pdf]

February 14, 2019 [pdf]

March 14, 2019 [pdf]

April 11, 2019 [pdf]

September 12, 2019 [pdf]