Alumni Spotlight

SJSU College of Science Physics alum Jean Donet is earning a PhD in
Physics at U.C. Davis

Alumni spotlight

Jean sent us the following message to share: As a transfer student to  the SJSU Physics department, I was welcomed with an active and  cooperative community. From the very beginning, I was encouraged to  actively participate in department events and attend research seminars  as well as join the Physics Club. The Physics Club at SJSU is not only a very inclusive organization but also an immensely constructive one. During club functions, we discussed class material, organized outreach events, and promoted department research. Through my involvement in the club, I learned of various active research opportunities and, not much  later, joined my first research group under Dr. Aaron Romanowsky. The experience and resourcefulness I learned through my research has served me well. Through my research group, I learned of CAMPARE, a program which connects CSU students to various research organizations across the country. After being accepted, I was recruited to intern at the Hydrogen  Epoch of Reionization Array group at Arizona State University. The CAMPARE program is closely related to the Cal-Bridge program which provides students of physics or astronomy with both financial aid and mentorship on applying to graduate programs. It was through the Cal-Bridge program's support that I would go on to be accepted into the  UC Davis Physics Ph.D. program. I could not be more thankful to the SJSU Physics Department, for not only providing me with career-building opportunities but also for fueling my passion for the field.