Associate professor Cassandra Paul and colleagues collaborate on an NSF-funded project to transform STEM education.

stem faculty
Left, Dr. Cassandra Paul. Top row from left to right: Dr. Resa Kelly, Dr. Marcos Pizarro.
Bottom row from left to right: Dr. Tammie Visintainer, Dr. Katherine Wilkinson

An interdisciplinary team of STEM faculty lead by Dr. Cassandra Paul (Physics & Astronomy/Science Education)  and including Dr. Tammie Visintainer (Teacher Education/Science Education), Dr. Resa Kelly (Chemistry/Science Education), Dr. Katherine Wilkinson (Biology) and Dr. Marcos Pizarro (Associate Dean of the Lurie College of Education), are working on a $1.7 million National Science Foundation-funded project entitled, “Transforming Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Through Culturally Sustaining, Active, and Asset-Based Approaches to Introductory Science Courses”. With support from the Improving Undergraduate STEM Education Hispanic Serving Institutions program, this project aims to increase diversity, inclusion, and retention in STEM by transforming teaching and learning in introductory undergraduate science courses. Underrepresented students enter higher education and STEM fields with a wealth of cultural capital and resilience that supports their success in demanding and innovative disciplines. This project aims to leverage those assets through inclusive and affirming STEM learning opportunities that enhance undergraduate students' STEM identities. To this end, the project will implement teaching innovations within introductory science courses and create a faculty learning communities committed to instructional transformation.