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Table of Contents


Introduction (downloadable excerpt)

On the Road Again
A Rhetoric of Ubiquity

Chapter 1 - Enclave

Rise of the Consumer Enclave: Arcades and Department Stores
World's Fairs as Enclaves of Civilization

Chapter 2 - Construction

From Train to Auto
Greyhound Bus Terminals
The "Only by Highway" Campaign

Chapter 3 - Framework

Introduction to Play Time and The Terminal

Chapter 4 - Airports

The Terminal as All-Place
The Terminal and Movement
The Terminal and Atomized Interactions
Airports in the Post 9/11 Era

Chapter 5 - Hotels

Holiday Inn
Convention Hotels

Chapter 6 - Malls

The First Mall
The (Once) Biggest Mall
The Post-Mall

Chapter 7 - Performance

Las Vegas as the Capital of Omnitopia
Post-Tourists in Las Vegas
Leaving Las Vegas

Chapter 8 - Convergence

Object Analysis
Analysis of iPod Advertisements
iPod Etiquette

Chapter 9 - Reverence

Enduring Locales
Temporary Locales
Fleeting Locales
Conclusion: Reverence for Ruins

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Andrew Wood
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