Parent, David W

Professor, Electrical Engineering




Preferred: (408) 924-3963

Office Location:

ENGR 355


To make an appointment with me, please use the online appointment system:

Having trouble registering for a class, or your hold has not been removed?  Read this FAQ for help.

Information on the EE101 placement exam required for EE110, EE112, and EE110L can be found here.

All undergraduate students, every semester must create/update their graduation plan and bring it, and a print out of your transcripts to mandatory advising.  

A blank plan that you fill out is located  here:

Use this guide to help you make your plan:

Note: An arrow from one box to the other means there is a pre-req.

The guide has many samples plans that are based around the GE units at SJSU.  The official 4-year plan can be found here

A sample for an incoming freshman on a 5-year plan is shown here:

The EE probation/disqualification policy is located here:

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