1. Fundamental Study of Post Surface Processing of Additive Manufactured (SLMed) Ti-5553


2. Friction Stir Welding Dissimilar Materials (current work on Al to BMGs)

3. Friction Stir Depositing Metals to Additive Manufacturing Structural Components

4. Surface Integrity Relating to Microstructure Evolution during Hybrid Micro Machining Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMGs)

5. High Speed Machining Aerospace Alloys (current work on Ti-5553, FRPs/CFRPs and Al-MMCs)


Fabrication Equipment

1. EOS M 100 Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) system

EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems



2. HAAS CNC Mill (TM-1)

HAAS Automation, Inc.

CNC mill 

3. HAAS CNC Lathe (ST-10) 

HAAS Automation, Inc.


4. Acra Variable Speed Milling Machine (AM2V)

FREJOTH International Ltd

ACRA mill

5. Acra Automatic Surface Grinder (1224HS)

FREJOTH International Ltd

Acra surface grinder


Prototyping Machines

1. uPrint 3D Printer (SE Plus)

Stratasys Ltd.

uPrint 3D printer

2.Ultimaker 3D Printer (2+

Ultimaker USA Inc. 

Ultimaker 3D printer


Characterization Facilities 

Available from: 

Chemical and Materials Engineeering Department

Materials Characterization and Metrology Center

Microscale Process Engineering Laboratory