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Location: DH 515


Assignments 1 through 3 are given below. The most current Assignment is Assignment 3, which is due May 10 (Tuesday). PLEASE NOTE UPDATED COURSE CALENDAR (posted in Documents section of website). There will be no Assignment #4, contrary to what was originally planned. Note changed percentages of assignments and exams on final course grade, noted on updated course calendar. In addition, be sure to check for additional assignments given in course lecture slides. These will generally be given during the two weeks preceding exams, and due the day of the exam.


Course Documents


Online Resources

Links to various websites to support lecture are given in course lecture slides. Be sure to find these links among the slides ...

News Stories

The zip file below contains several news stories I have downloaded over the last year or so that deal with current issues involving air pollution, climate change, environment, and economy. Your Assignment #3 topic will involve you choosing an issue among these stories and exploring further. See Assignment #3 fore details (uploaded in Assignment section of website). When unzipping the file below, a directory will appear that contains the stories. They are organized into several folders according to topic. Aside form news stories, there are also a few longer articles in the mix of files.