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Sullivan-Green, Laura

Assistant Professor,  Civil & Environ Engineering

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Determination of Crack Age
Determination of crack age is an important forensics issue. Each year millions of dollars are spent on arbitration and litigation arising from damage claimed to have been produced by some recent adjacent activity such as heavy traffic, construction, blasting, etc. or some recent natural phenomenon, such as an earthquake, hurricane, flood, etc. Current methods of dating crack are often subjective, limited in their application and yield relative age, rather than absolute age. Methods need to be developed that yield more scientific measurement of the age of the surface in question. Current research in this area are as follows:

Accelerated Testing of Carbonation Penetration through Crack Surfaces
Biomass Quantification on Construction Materials


Assistant Professor, San Jose State University 2008-present
Engineer I, MWH Americas, Chicago, IL, 2005-present
Graduate Assistant, Northwestern University, 2002-2008

PhD, MS in Civil Engineering, Northwestern Univerisity, Evanston, IL
BS in Civil Engineering, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH