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Nadia  Sorkhabi

Sorkhabi, Nadia

Associate Professor,  Child & Adolescent Development

Additional Contact Information

Phone Number(s)
(408) 924-7478

Office Hours
Sweeney Hall # 320: M, W 8:00-9:00 W 3:00-4:00


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Human Development
    University of California, Berkeley, California, United States, 2006


I study the manner in which parenting styles and domain-specific practices of mothers and fathers are related to academic achievement, social competence, and mental health of children and adolescents. I also study the quality of the parent-child relationship which includes the frequency and intensity of parent-adolescent conflicts, conflict resolution strategies, and adolescent disclosure of their activities to their parents. I have studied and continue to study cultural variations in parenting styles and practices and developmental outcomes. My research interest is also to study cultural similarities and differences in moral reasoning of young adults about justice and care.