Professional & Service Activity

Professional & Service Activity

  • San Jose State University
    Professor, 1996-3000

    Description: Developed advanced courses in networking and parallel processing; analyzed performance of high-speed networks and middleware technologies; developed strategies to migrate middleware applications to advanced environments

  • Consultant

    Description: Consultant to several companies: MRJ, IPInfusion, Learning Voyage, SiteMetrices.

  • NASA Ames Research Center
    Faculty Fellow, 2005-2005

    Description: Benchmarked and analyzed performance of interconnect for high-speed computers

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Faculty Scholar, 2003-2003

    Description: Performed research in petascale performance and modeling of networks and applications

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Faculty Scholar, 2002-2002

    Description: Conducted research & development of component technologies for scientific computing

  • NASA Ames Research Center
    Research Scientist, 1987-1996

    Description: Analyzed performance and provided guidance of network and computer technologies; developed performance models and benchmarks for highly parallel computers; developed, implemented and analyzed algorithms on multiprocessor machines

  • National Research Council
    Panel Reviewer, 2002-3000

    Description: Served (by invitation) as a member of the engineering panel for the Ford Foundation Diversity Pre-doctoral Fellowships