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Library Project, Page 1

Note: If you do not already have a library card, now is the time to get one by going to the King Library circulation desk with your SJSU Tower Card. Not only will this allow you to check out books, it will also enable you to access e-books and articles from off campus via the internet.

This project is designed to help you choose a culture on which to focus your research. It was developed by Topsy N. Smalley, the librarian at Cabrillo College. With her permission, I have modified the project so that it will also serve students at San José State. Let's begin with some preliminary thoughts about choosing a culture.

Your first task will be to identify some culture groups, and then explore whether there will be sufficient information in books, in articles, and on the Internet for the subjects you need to research, which are the following:

  • language and literature,
  • mode of production,
  • issues regarding sexuality, birth, and reproduction,
  • economic issues,
  • domestic life, including descent, locality, kinship, and socialization,
  • political organization, including caste, class, and gender hierarchies, and
  • supernatural beliefs.

Where can you begin to find out about interesting cultures? To get started, proceed to page 2 of the Library Project. (Note that you can also use the buttons at the top and bottom of the page to navigate through the Library Project.)