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Tea Ritual

I have been studying Japanese tea ritual for more than twenty-five years. It is one of my academic interests, but I am also a practical teacher of tea ritual associated with Urasenke, a four hundred year old, Japanese tea lineage. This page includes resources which I hope will be of use to my fellow teachers, my students, and anyone else who is curious about the practice of tea ritual.

Quicktime Movies

The following are close captioned Quicktime movies which give a brief overview of Japanese tea ritual. If you do not have a Quicktime Player, you can download it for free from Adobe.

Powerpoint Presentations in PDF format

In order to make information about tea ritual available to as many interested people as possible, the material presented in the movies offered above may also be accessed in PDF format. The "read aloud" function in Acrobat may be activated to hear the text of the slide and the image descriptions. If you move your cursor over the orange balloon in the upper left hand corner, you can read my presenter notes. If you move the cursor over the images, you can see a detailed description of the image.

Powerpoint Presentations as Accessible HTML

To make my materials completely accessible, I have also included a version of my presentations in Accessible HTML. To view these files in their most accessible format in Mozilla Firefox, select the "View" option on the top naviagation bar. Go to "Page Style" and select "No Style". You have the option of playing the audio version of each slide.


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