Digital Literature: The Death of Print Culture?
Honors Colloquium

English 190, T/R 10:30-11:45am (Fall 2010)
Clark Hall 111

Dr. Katherine D. Harris
Office: FO 220
Office Hours: W 1-3pm & via online tools
Phone: 408.924.4475
Email: katherine.harris@sjsu.edu

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Reading Due
Related "Texts"
Assignment Due
Thur 8/26

Introduction to Digital Humanities

  • What is Digital Humanities?
  • What is Print Culture?
  • What is a "text?"
  • What is "digital?"
  • What is "literature?"
  • What are multi-modal essays and visual narratives?

Syllabus Schedule & Policies (pdf)
Student Questionnaire
Introductory Quotes


Pulp Fiction as Typography (video)

Kia Soul Hamsters (video)

SixthSense Technology (from Priya)

Our social networking selves (images)


Student Questionnaire


Tues 8/31 Say Hello to Your Room & Social Networking



  • Intro to the Incubator Classroom, Moodle, Teamspot, laptops, furniture
  • Intro to Twitter & Digital Humanists Lists (esp Dan Cohen's)

Twitter Assignment

Twitter Digital Humanities Lists

Our Class Twitter List

Some Twitter Help

"Twitter in Plain English" (video)

Twitter Tutorial for Newbies (video)

Twitter Tutorial (video)

Thur 9/2 Print Culture & Materiality of the Text
  • "Technologies of Writing," Matthew Kirschenbaum
  • "Man of Letters: Matthew Carter�s Life in Type Design," New Yorker, Alec Wilkinson (pdf)
  • "Why I Don�t Read Books Much Anymore," Morris Freedman
  • "A Fair(y) Use Tale," Eric Faden (video)
  • "The Library of Babel," Jorge Luis Borges (pdf)
  • Songs of Innocence & Experience, Blake Archive
  • In Class

    • Helvetica (video)
    • The Printing Press (images)

    Medieval HelpDesk (Video) (moved from 8/31)

    The Printed Book in the West since 1800 (reader)

    A Companion to the History of the Book (electronic version for SJSU students & faculty)

    Emily Dickinson Archive (ordering your own edition)

    Thinking with Type, Ellen Lupton

    "The Making of a Granta Cover"

    "Will the Book Survive Generation Text?"

    "Is Print Dead?" (on the industry -- see image below)


    Intro to Moodle on your own (see 8/31 email)

    Post 350-word Digital Autobiography to Moodle Profile(moved from 8/31)

    Tues 9/7 Visit to Special Collections Meet on 5th Flr of King Library in Special Collections to touch the stuff!


      Blog Review of Print Material  (500 words) due Wed by 4pm
    Thur 9/9 Incorporating Aberrations into Narrative & Print Culture House of Leaves (1-200)

    Digital Literacy (ways of reading)

    Join House of Leaves Facebook page (?)

    Kenneth Patchen & Typography

    "The Medium is the Medium," NYT

    Tues 9/14   House of Leaves (201-417) "General Course on Linguistics," Saussure (signified & signifier) Blog Reading Response (500 words) due by 10am
    Thur 9/16   House of Leaves (finish it & look at Appendices)

    Jameson on the Bonaventure (brief excerpt in print handout; see longer excerpt here as RTF file)
    BBC on the Bonaventure (video)


    Tues 9/21 Literary Archives & E-Books: Revising Literature for the Digital World
  • "Google and the Future of Books," Robert Darnton, New York Review of Books
  • "The Battle to Define the Future of the Book in the Digital World," Clifford Lynch
  • Johanna Drucker, "The Virtual Codex from Page Space to E-Space," A Companion to Digital Literary Studies
  • "Digitizing the Gutenberg Bible," NPR (podcast)
  • Bertrand Gervais, "Is There a Text on this Screen?" A Companion to Digital Literary Studies
  • Ken Price, "Electronic Scholarly Editions," A Companion to Digital Literary Studies
  • John A. Walsh, "Multimedia & Multi-Tasking: A Survey of Digital Resources for Nineteenth-Century Literary Studies," A Companion to Digital Literary Studies
  • Handouts
    Definitions leading to archive

    "Enacting Change: A Study of the Implementation of E-Readers . . ."

    Reimagining the Book: iPad & Alice

    Digital Humanities & the Undergrad (video by an English major)

    IDEO & Future of the Book (video)

    Thur 9/23 Archives & Projects Choose 1:

    Discuss Videos & Podcasts Presentation assignment

    Emily Dickinson Archive

    Definition of "archive" by the Blake Archive

    Blog Review of Archive (500 words) due by 10am


    Tues 9/28 Using Tools to Take us Farther
  • The Babbage Engine
  • "Where Computer Science and Cultural Studies Collide," Matthew Kirschenbaum
  • "Literature to Infinity," Inside Higher Ed, Scott McLemee
  • "Algorithmic Criticism," A Companion to Digital Literary Studies
  • , Stephen Ramsay
  • "Quantitative Analysis and Literary Studies," A Companion to Digital Literary Studies, David Hoover
  • "Literary Alzheimer�s," New York Times Magazine
  • Special Guest
    Prof. Stephen Ramsay, Univ of Nebraska (iChat)

    Extra for Prof. Ramsay
    literatura munduna (Prof. Ramsay's blog)
    Anthologize Tool Post
    Algorithms are Thoughts, Chainsaws are Tools (23 min video)
    Writing as Programming as Writing (14 min video)

    More suggested by your colleagues
    Datamining Shakespeare
    Representing Literature as Data


    Blog Review of Tool (chosen from DIRT) (500 words) due by 10am


    Thur 9/30

    New Media Literature

    Web 2.0: The Machine is Us/ing Us (Video) (moved from 8/31) 

    Addendum to Tool Review due Wed 4pm
    Tues 10/5 Post-Narrative Text (?)
  • "Handholding, Remixing and the Instant Replay: New Narratives in a Post-Narrative World," Carolyn Guertin, A Companion to Digital Literary Studies
  • Special Guest
    Prof. Carolyn Guertin, Univ. of Texas

    Rhizomes (Deleuze/Guttari)

    Cyborg Manifesto (Haraway)

    Patchwork Girl (Jackson)

    Great Expectations (Acker)

    Thur 10/7 Born Digital Literature
  • Born Magazine of Art & Literature (choose 1)
  • Vol. I, Electronic Literature Collection
  • Simon Faithful, Adelaide
  • Fa�ade: A One-Act Interactive Drama
  • Grotesque, A Gothic Epic
  • Selections from New Media Reader CD-Rom of born digital literature
  • Eastgate Publishers of Hypertexts (review their site)
  • Secret Technology: NetArt/DigitalPoetry/VideoOddities, Jason Nelson (added by speaker, 9/8/10)
  • Dreaming Methods, Andy Campbell (added by speaker, 9/8/10)
  • Special Guest
    Prof. Lori Emerson, Univ. of Colorado (iChat)

    Nightingale's Playground

    Article about Nightingale's Playground

    Prof. Emerson's References
    List of E-Poetry
    Directory of E-Literature
    Dimension is night (Nelson)
    Futurist Cinema
    The House (Flanagan)The Jews Daughter
    White Faced Bromeliads
    BP Nichols video
    Apple iie image
    Acid Free Bits (preservation of e-lit)

    Tues 10/12   More on E-Literature
    E-Literature Explained (video)
    Inventing New Conventions for Digital Storytelling (video)

    Show n'Tell
    inMediasRes (collaborative scholarship)
    Hacking the Academy (Humanities & technology)
    Frontiers in Spatial Humanities on geospatial scholarship (video)
    Litmap Project (scholarly project using GIS)

    Review of Born Digital Literature (500 words) due by 10am -- add addendum by 10am on Thursday
    Thur 10/14 Presentations on Videos, Podcasts, Blogs & Readings   Addendum to Tuesday's post

    Report on videos, podcasts, blogs & readings (500 words) due by 10am

    Tues 10/19

    No Class Meeting today
    Follow tweets from
    state of technologies (digital, notational, etc) currently used
    for documenting and preserving dance or take a look at the raw notes in Google Docs (shared w/everyone)

    (changed 10/12/10)

    Thur 10/21 Presentations on Videos, Podcasts, Blogs & Readings

    Discuss Adaptation & Visualizing Presentations assignment
    Distribute Steve Jones pre-print article in class

    GetLamp: A Documentary about Adventures in Text (DVD) Change: everyone post about your presentation today

    Report on  videos, podcasts, blogs & readings (500 words) due by 10am

    Tues 10/26 Video Games as Literature?
  • "The Code is Not the Text," John Cayley (contd from previous week)
  • "On Comics," Scott McCloud (video)
  • "Anticipating Spore" from The Meaning of Video Games, Steven E. Jones (password protected)

  • "Performing the Social Text, or what I learned from playing Spore," pre-print of forthcoming publication in Common Knowledge 17:2 (Spring 2011) -- distributed in paper form
  • "Second Life, Video Games and the Social Text," PMLA 2009, Steven E. Jones (pdf)
  • Zone of Influence: A Game Studies Blog (excerpt), Matt Kirschenbaum
  • Preface, Procedural Rhetoric & Purposes of Persuasion chapters, The Expressive Power of Video Games, Ian Bogost (available as digital book through King Library)
  • Gamer Theory on If:Book, McKenzie Wark
  • The VideoGame Text Blog  
    Thur 10/28 Gaming & Adaptation
  • SpaceWar, 1st video game, New Media Reader CD Rom (in class)
  • Blithedale Romance Game Adaptation, Liz Losh
  • Game, Game, Game and Again Game, Jason Nelson
  • Ad Verbum, Nick Montfort
  • Johann Huizinga "Homo Ludens" Chapter 1 (added by our guest)
  • Roger Callois "Man, Play and Games" Chapter 1 pp 3-11 (added by our guest)
  • Special Guest
    Prof. James Morgan, Digital Media Art, CADRE Lab, SJSU

    Perhaps collaborate with some of his production students?

    CADRE's Facebook Page

    "Don Draper Says 'What'" (video)

    Tues 11/2 Presenting Adaptations   Presentation on adaptation idea

    Blog Report on adaptation (1000 words) due by 10am

    Thur 11/4 Visualizing your Adaptations

    Discuss Final Project assignment

      Presentation of images for your adaptation

    Post images/link on Moodle with explanation (500 words) due by 10am

    Tues 11/9 Blogging & FaceBooking as Social Commentary or Literature?
  • "Social Networks that Matter: Twitter Under the Microscope," First Monday, Bernardo A. Huberman, et al
  • Clive Thompson, "I�m So Digitally Close to You: Brave New World of Digital Intimacy," New York Times
  • Aimee Morrison, "Blogs and Blogging: Text and Practice,"A Companion to Digital Literary Studies
  • Big Brother is Watching (blog)


    Thur 11/11 Veteran�s Day � No Class Meeting
    Tues 11/16 Twitterati / Tweeps Presentation (moved from 11/18)   Report on Twitter (1000 words) due by 10am on Moodle
    Thur 11/18 Twitterati / Tweeps Presentation (moved from 11/23)  
    Tues 11/23  

    Special Guest
    Prof. David Silver, Univ. of San Francisco (Skype) (moved from 11/16)

      Post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Flickr as Social Networking (500 words) due by 10am on Moodle
    Thur 11/25 Thanksgiving - No Class Meeting
    Tues 11/30

    Exploring the Possibilities

  • Sample Student Projects from Past Classes

  • Ecclesiastical Proust Archive

  • Using CIA's tools

  • "What Is Visualization?" Lev Manovich

  • "Mapping Time," Jeremy Douglass & Lev Manovich (video)

  • Panel Discussion about "Mapping Time" (video)

  • Special Guest
    Dr. Jeff Drouin, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne

    "Framing Digital Humanities: The Role of New Media in Humanities Scholarship," Oya Reiger




    Thur 12/2 Dissemination: Multi-Modal Essays & Visual Narratives

    Special Guest
    Prof. Jamie Skye Bianco, Univ of Pittsburgh


      Moodle Review of video (500-750 words) due by 10am
    Tues 12/7 Final Project Presentations/Workshop "Does Book Art Have to Resemble a Book?"

    "Wings: Making the Field Notes"(video)

    "Linotype: The Film" teaser (video)

    Typestar (renders lyrics similar to Pulp Fiction Typography)

    Final Project
    Thur 12/9 Final Project Presentations/Workshop   Final Project

    Final Exam Meeting: December 17th, 9:45am-12pm

    Final Projects Due

    Some final thoughts & stats:

    Twitter Archive for #engl190 hashtag
    Our Twitter usage in class
    Reflections on the IC & DH (Moodle)



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