COMM 101 > Fourth Unit Engagement: Program Learning Outcomes Paper

Note: This new assignment is intended for use in each section of COMM 101. 

This engagement assignment will familiarize you with our department's program learning objectives (PLOs). The major covers three areas, Foundations, Inquiry, and Practice, in which you will work towards their associated program learning outcomes. Please review each PLO. You may view descriptions of our three areas and their associated PLOs by visiting,

Step 1. Research each course related to the three areas, Foundations, Inquiry, and Practice. Reflect on the degree to which each course is represented in the PLOs for each area. You may review our course listings by visiting You may also find a link to the course descriptions on the same page.

Step 2. Find one course that best represents each PLO. For example, you will choose one Foundations course that best represents the “Understanding Communication Theories” PLO. You will do the same for the remaining PLOs. This step will take the most time to complete. I recommend you read course descriptions, ask about the courses on our COMM social media sites, talk with your classmates or a peer advisor in the COMM Center, and talk with faculty who have taught the course. This extra effort in research will help you decide if a course you have selected best represents a PLO.

Step 3. Write a three to four-page summary of what you experienced and learned. Organize your paper into two sections: (1) summary and (2) reflection. You will make specific connections between the department's three areas, their associated PLOs, and courses in your summary. You will integrate your academic goals, concerns, and/or ambitions in the reflection section of your paper.

Step 4. Create your e-portfolio shell in Canvas. Learn more about creating an e-portfolio at

Step 5. Upload your essay to your e-portfolio and submit a link to your e-portfolio before the assignment deadline.