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Office: HGH 210; phone: (408) 924-5378
Email: wooda@email.sjsu.edu
Web: http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty/wooda

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Show and Tell: 50 points

Complete one activity from the course website (or another activity approved in advance by me) during the week we discuss the corresponding reading. To select your activity, sign your name on the Show and Tell Calendar that I'll make available in class. Full credit for this 7-10 minute activity requires that you provide a visual aid and a professional handout to support your claims (25 points). You must also expand meaningfully and professionally upon ideas we discuss in class (25 points).

Unannounced Quizzes: 100 points

To inspire you to read and retain the material we cover in this class, I will conduct seven brief multiple-choice quizzes. Each quiz will be designed to test only that you've read and considered the reading for that day. I will only use your four top scores for this component. Quizzes may not be made up.

Summary Papers: 50 points

Respond critically to two course readings (25 points each). Within 1-2 pages, answer the following questions: (1) What are the author's primary arguments and thesis? (2) How does this text relate to ideas raised in this class? (3) What is your personal reaction to the ideas raised in this text? One summary paper must be submitted before the midterm; the other must be submitted before the final examination. Each paper must be submitted on the same week as its corresponding reading.

Download and attach gradesheet.

Course Project: 100 points

Identify a locale noted for movement rather than permanence. You might select a fast food restaurant, diner, drive-in theatre, motel, shopping center, or other similar locale. Within five to seven pages, you will accomplish the following goals: (1) provide a history of the site's genre, (2) analyze how this site affirms or resists value systems, economic structures, political institutions, social groups, and/or and natural environments, and (3) examine whether patrons use this site in a manner contrary to its intended purpose. The bulk of your writing shall concentrate on item 2.

Along with the written project, you will present a seven to ten minute extemporaneous Oral Presentation on a date to be announced. A successful oral presentation requires developed ideas, clear organization, and audience-focused delivery. This component contributes 15 points to the basic assignment requirements.

Download and attach gradesheet.

Midterm and Final Examination (100 points each)

The midterm and final examinations offer an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the material discussed in this class through multiple choice, true/false, and matching questions. I will offer a thorough review before both tests.


Your final grade is based on the following point system:

Show and Tell   out of 50 points
Quiz 1   out of 25 points
Quiz 2   out of 25 points
Quiz 3   out of 25 points
Quiz 4   out of 25 points
Summary Paper 1   out of 25 points
Summary Paper 2   out of 25 points
Midterm Exam   out of 100 points
Final Exam   out of 100 points
Course Project   out of 100 points
Total   out of 500 points