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Readings in Order of Appearance

Bryson, B. (1999). I’m a stranger here myself: Notes on returning to America after twenty years away. New York: Broadway Books.

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Postcolonial studies of tourism

Rothman, H.K. (1998). Devil’s bargains: Tourism in the twentieth-century American West. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas.

Nicholson-Lord, D. (1997). The politics of travel: Is tourism just colonialism in another guise? The Nation, n.p.

Kincaid, J. (1989). A small place. New York: Plume. [Not in reader]

Fluid Locales

Patton, P. (1997). Road to nowhere In J. Brouws, B. Polster, & P. Patton's (Eds.), Highway: America's endless dream (pp. 32-54). New York: Stewart, Tabori & Chang.

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Wood, A. (2003). A rhetoric of ubiquity: Terminal space as omnitopia. Communication Theory, 13:3, pp. 324-344.