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Fluid Locales: The Road to nowhere

Supplemental Reading : Patton

Supplemental Reading: Jackson

We turn to study the notion of fluid locales - places defined more by movement than by permanence. A useful contrast to the fluid locale concept is that of a monument. Consider the role of monuments as sites where public memory becomes fixed, impervious to the constant flow and change of everyday life. We seek monuments to remind us of unchanging principles. Yet more and more of the places we inhabit are defined around seemingly perpetual movement: fast food restaurants, drive-through businesses, and cities that seem to resemble airports rather than communities. Of course, this trend emerges most clearly with the arrival of the interstate highway. As Patton describes, the interstate has become a pop culture icon in its own right, reflecting the American love of movement and growing unease with permanence. To learn more, you might consult Jackson's essay on the changing nature of monuments.

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